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When will my order ship?

Orders will only be shipped weekly on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Orders placed after noon on Wednesday's will not be packaged and shipped till the following Monday. This is to ensure the shortest travel time for the product.

Why do you only ship Monday-Wednesday?

Since all our beers are shipped in insulated liners with icepacks, we want to reduce travel time to ensure the product isn't getting HOT. Shipping any later than Wednesday may result in packages sitting in a warehouse or truck for multiple nights without being moved till the following Monday.

How will my products be packaged?

All beers will be packaged inside an insulated liner with multiple ice packs. Our goal is not to keep the beers at refrigerated temperature, but our aim is to prevent products from getting HOT.

What do I do if my package wasn't delivered or there is damaged/incorrect product?

Please email us directly at info@replicantbeer.com so we can correct any issues you may have.