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Starting as Arroyo Shell on April 1st, 2016, and later re-branding as Replicant: Shell with a focus on a highly curated craft beer selection with more than 50% of new products rotating every single week.

Beginning in 2022 we kicked off our re-branding with the start of project replicant. During inflated covid shipping costs we asked ourselves:

Why ship the beer when you can ship the brewer?

So we did exactly that:

We began flying out-of-state brewers here to Pasadena, CA to brew their beers in a local facility for our customers to have fresh.

No lengthy interstate shipping waits where cans can be subjected to harsh conditions such as extreme heat.

We aim to Replicate these brewers signature beers for our customers to try not only fresh but ensuring proper storage and minimal exposure to heat to maintain the integrity of the product.

Signature Beers
Proper Storage
Minimal Heat

Remember keep it cold and drink fresh, do not cellar!

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